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Zhicheng Zhan successfully defended his PhD

(03-07-2024) On Tuesday 25 June 2024, Zhicheng Zhan successfully defended his PhD: "Analyzing Crowdsourced Indoor Route Descriptions to Facilitate Indoor Navigation".

Supervisors: Prof Nico Van de Weghe (UGent), Prof Haosheng Huang (UGent).

Members of the examination committee: Chairman: Prof Alain De Wulf (UGent), Prof Georg Gartner (Vienna University of Technology), Prof Philippe De Maeyer (UGent), Dr Pepijn Viaene (HoGent), Dr Laure De Cock (UGent).

Prof. em Philippe de Maeyer on Klara Radio Station

(26-06-2024) On Thursday, June 6, professor emeritus Philippe De Maeyer explained the 3D reconstruction of the so-called Mercator globes on the morning Espresso program on Klara. Such 3D reconstructions are typically done by frequently photographing an object from different angles. The modeling came about through a collaboration between the CartoGIS and 3D Data Acquisition research groups, with the help of Dr. Cornelis Stal and Prof. Alain De Wulf. You can re-watch the radio broadcast in question here.

Geoland project finally rated with 96% score

(06-06-2024) Landscape is both a physical reality and the representation we make of it. It constitutes a set of natural and anthropological elements and evokes feelings and emotions. The European Landscape Convention emphasizes that when taking measures to protect, manage and plan landscapes, all dimensions must be considered.

With this in mind, GEOLAND - an Erasmus+ KA2 Higher Education project - focused on NATURA 2000 sites with the aim of creating a learning path for students and professors in landscape monitoring and protection, using digital tools such as GIS and participatory techniques.

The project was rated final by Europe with a score of 96%.

My Eco Lab LTT training

(06-06-2024) From March 10 to 15, 2025, the second project meeting + learning and teaching training (LTT) of the project “My Digital Eco Lab” took place at the department. The department is the only university partner in this project and consequently the content leader of the project, Luc Zwartjes is involved. During this training, the project partners learned to work with all kinds of GIS-related tools.

My Eco Lab project meeting in Paris

(06-06-2024) On May 15-16, the 3rd project meeting of the “My Digital Eco Lab” project took place at the Lyceé Gabriel Peri in Chambery (near Paris). The department is the only university partner in this project and consequently the content leader of the project, Luc Zwartjes is involved. Besides time to get to know the school and work on the project, there was also time for a short trip to Montmartre.

Keynote by Prof. Nico Van de Weghe at EUROGEO congress Porto

(06-06-2024) On Thursday, May 30, Prof. Nico Van de Weghe gave a keynote at the EUROGEO 2024 congress “Compromised geography: spreading a new world.”

His talk on Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) and GeoAI was much enjoyed by the congress members. After the keynote, a few slots went into more depth on GeoAI.

Anik Juli Dwi Astuti successfully defended her PhD

(06-06-2024) On Tuesday, 28 May 2024, Anik Juli Dwi Astuti successfully defended her PhD: "Connectivity Perspectives on Water and Sediment Flows in the Gumara and Rib Catchments (Ethiopia).”

Supervisors: Prof. dr. Amaury Frankl (Ghent University), Prof. dr. Jan Nyssen, (Ghent University)

Examination Committee: Prof. dr. Haosheng Huang (Ghent University) (Chair),Dr. ir. Stefaan Dondeyne (Ghent University and Vrije Universiteit Brussel),Prof. dr. Kristine Walraevens (Ghent University), Prof. dr. Ann Van Griensven (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), Dr. Tesfaalem Ghebreyohannes, (Mekelle University, Ethiopia).

Successful GeoAI Research Center Kick-off Event Draws Over 50 International Participants

(28-05-2024) On Wednesday 22 May 2024, our colleagues from the CartoGIS proudly hosted the inaugural GeoAI Research Center Kick-off Event, which brought together more than 50 (inter)national participants. This gathering featured a series of insightful lightning talks followed by engaging discussions, showcasing the dynamic and evolving nature of GeoAI research. While the event marked a significant milestone, it also highlighted the extensive work that lies ahead for our research community. We are committed to continuing this momentum and furthering our collaborative efforts in GeoAI. Stay tuned for future developments and opportunities to get involved!

Lecture by Prof. Mingshu Wang (Glasgow University) in the department

(22-05-2024) On Monday 21 MAY 2024, prof. Mingshu WANG from Glasgow University visited the Department and gave a lecture on “Graph Convolutional Networks for Street Network Analysis”.

Prof Wang is a Senior Lecturer (Tenured Associate Professor) in Geospatial Data Science at the University of Glasgow. He is also a Fellow at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study (NIAS) and a visiting researcher at the University of Amsterdam. His research focuses on developing and applying GIScience methods and big data analytics to understand urban systems and development. Empirically, he investigates the relationship between urban structure and city performance at the macro-scale and the relationship between the built environment and collective human behavior at the micro-scale. He has received research grants from Dutch Research Council (NWO), Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Microsoft. He is an Editor of Asian Geographer and an Associate Editor of ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, and Regional Studies, Regional Science.

FWO postdocs joining the Department of Geography

(21-05-2024) We are proud to announce that two researchers will join the Department of Geography as postdocs of the Research Foundation Flanders - FWO:

  • Dr. Sofie Annys will study the socio-hydrological resilience of Farmer-Led Irrigation Developments in Ethiopia and Ghana. She received a Senior Fellowship from the Interdisciplinary Panel and will be supervised by Prof. Amaury Frankl.

  • Dr. Tanhua Jin will focus on people’s experienced social segregation in daily activity spaces in Belgium and Estonia. She received a Junior Fellowship from the Science and Technology Panel W&T9 and will be supervised by Prof. Frank Witlox.

Wishing both of them the best of luck in their new endeavors!

Soil erosion as Tipping Point - webinar Prof. Amaury Frankl

(06-05-2024) In this webinar Prof. Amaury Frankl delves deeper into our relationship with nature from a soil-focused perspective and explore the unequal challenges the world faces as land degrades. He employ the lens of "tipping points" and discuss both negative and positive trends.

The discussion series is a joint activity of the Analysis, Integration, and Modeling of the Earth System (AIMES) global research project of Future Earth, the Earth Commission Working Group 1 Earth and Human Systems Intercomparison Modelling Project (EHSMIP) under the Global Commons Alliance, and the Safe Landing Climates Light House Activity of World Climate Research Programme (WCRP).

Watch the webinar here:

Vacancy scientific assistant "Bicycle Chair" in the Department of Geography

(09-04-2024) The Bicycle Chair at Ghent University (Department of Geography) is looking for a full-time scientific collaborator with demonstrated interest and ability to conduct research, communicate in the field of bicycle mobility in order to contribute to the start-up of the new chair.

More information at:

Adugnaw Birhanu Zegeye successfully defended his PhD

(11-03-2024) On Thursday, 29 February 2024, Adugnaw Birhanu Zegeye successfully defended his PhD: "Hydrological study of Mount Guna , a shield volcano on the Ethiopian Plateau".

Supervisors: Prof Kristine Walraevens (UGent), Prof . Dr Jan Nyssen (UGent).

Members of the examination committee: Chairman: Prof Dr Haosheng Huang (UGent), Prof Dr Margaret Chen (VUB), Prof Dr Stefaan Dondeyne (VUB), Prof Dr Amaury Frankl (UGent), Prof Dr Thomas Hermans (UGent), Dr Alemau Yenehun Beyene (UGent).

Cycling professor Meredith Glaser on Radio1

(02-02-2024) "Belgium has a cycling professor for the first time: Meredith Glaser. Today is her first working day at Ghent University. She tells you all about her unique job and why she is so passionate about cycling."

Interview on VRT Radio 1 with Dr. Meredith Glaser, expert in sustainable mobility and since 1 February 2024 chair holder of the new Bicycle chair at UGent (Department of Geography).

Listen to the interview on the website of Radio1 (in Dutch).

Photo credits: (c) DMOW

A cycling professor for Flanders: Dr. Meredith Glaser

(31-01-2024) Dr. Meredith Glaser, an expert in sustainable mobility, will start at UGent on Feb. 1, 2024 as chair holder of the new Bicycle Chair. The chair should strengthen the ambitious Flemish cycling policy with academic knowledge and insights.

The importance of the bicycle as a means of transport has been rising sharply in recent years. Cycling has never been more popular in Flanders, nor has investment in cycling infrastructure. In order to further support this positive evolution with scientific research, a new chair is being established at UGent, with financial and substantive support from the Flemish government. The academic work that the chair will produce will contribute to mobility policy and the social debate on bicycle mobility in Flanders. Dr. Meredith Glaser, who was chosen as chair holder, will take up a role in various training units at UGent and work closely with the many actors involved in Flemish cycling policy.

Read the full press release (in Dutch).

Yuting Jang successfully defended her PhD

(22-01-2024) On Monday 15 January 2024, Yuting Jang successfully defended her PhD: " Navigating Polycentric Urban Regions: Economic Consequences and Methodological Insights".

Supervisors: Prof. dr. Ben Derudder (KU Leuven and UGent), Dr. Freke Caset (UGent and VUB).

Members of the examination committee: Chairman: Prof. dr. Nico Van de Weghe (UGent), Prof. dr. Haosheng Huang (UGent), Pro. dr. Yingcheng Li (Southeast University), Dr. Evert Meijers (Utrecht University), Dr. Angelika Münter (Institute for Regional and Urban Development, Dortmund), Prof. dr. Frank Witlox (UGent)

Congratulations Yuting Jang!

Chenchen Xu successfully defended her PhD

(04-01-2024) On Wednesday 13 December 2023, Chenchen Xu successfully defended her PhD: "Passenger Behavior in Airplane Emergency Evacuations: From Time Perception to Exit Choice".

Promoters: Prof. Dr. Frank Witlox (UGent), Prof. Dr. Quan Shao (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics). Members of the examination committee: Chairman: Prof. Dr. Haosheng Huang (UGent). Prof. Dr. Kurt Fuellhart (UGent & Unison Consulting, Inc.), Prof. Dr. Giovanni Circella (UGent), Prof. Dr. Ben Derudder (KU Leuven), Prof. Dr. Genserik L.L. Reniers (Delft University of Technology).

Congratulations Chenchen!

Audience Award "Most compelling poster presentation" for Corneel Casier

(18-12-2023) Early December, several researchers and doctoral students from the Department of Geography participated in the I-Know Innovation Day 2023 at Ghent University. Corneel Casier's poster ("Understanding street closures: How different modes of travel are affected – an agent-based modelling approach") won the Audience Award for the 'Most compelling poster presentation.'

Congratulations, Corneel!

Yuting Chen successfully defended her PhD

(18-12-2023) On Friday 11 December 2023, Yuting Chen successfully defended her PhD: "Examining Airport Categorisation and the Evolving Dynamics of Airports. A multimodal transport approach in the context of China". Supervisors: Prof Frank Witlox (UGent), Prof Kurt Fuellhart (Unison Consulting). Members of the examination committee: Chairman: Prof Dr Veerle Van Eetvelde (Ugent). Prof. Dr Liang Dai (Nanjing University of Finance and Economics), Prof. Dr Tony H. Grubesic (University of California at Riverside), Prof. Dr Theo Notteboom (UGent), Prof. Dr Kevin B. O'Connor (University of Melbourne).

Congratulations Yuting!

Tanhua Jin successfully defended her PhD

(07-12-2023) On Monday 4 December 2023 , Tanhua Jin successfully defended her PhD: “Transition to Shared Mobility: Usage Patterns, Challenges, and the Built Environment Effects”. Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Frank Witlox (UGent), Prof. dr. Haosheng Huang (UGent). Members of the examination committee: Prof. dr. Nico Van de Weghe (UGent), Prof. dr. Giovanni Circella (UGent), Prof. dr. ing. Karst Geurs (University of Twente, Netherlands), Dr. Hannah Hook UGent), Prof. dr. Cecília Silva (University of Porto, Portugal).

Congratulations Tanhua Jin!

Yiyang Luo successfully defended his PhD

(07-12-2023) Tuesday, 5 December2023, Yiyang Luo successfully defended his PhD: “DISTURBANCES IN THE IONOSPHERE: THE ‘EARLY BIRD’ OF HIGH-ENERGY NATURAL HAZARD EVENTS”. Scientific research on multi-instruments detection of the ionosphere under different types of high-energy natural hazard events

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Leonid Chernogor (UKharkiv); Prof. Dr. Sergey Shulga (UKharkiv); Prof. Dr. Kwinten Van Weverberg (UGent); Prof. Dr. Frank Witlox (UGent); Prof. Dr. Isabel Van Driessche (UGent). Examination Committee: Prof. Haosheng Huang (Chair, WE12 UGent); Dr. Tobias G.W. Verhulst (Royal Meteorological institute of Belgium); Prof. Piet Termonia (UGent); Prof. Alain De Wulf (UGent); Prof. dr. Giovanni Lapenta (KU Leuven) em. Prof. Philippe De Maeyer (UGent); Dr. Edmund Henley (Met Office of UK).

Congratulations Yiyang!

Wanted: academic expert for more and safer cycling in Flanders

(06-11-2023) At the University of Ghent, Department of Geography, a new Chair Bicycle is installed by the Flemish Government. The chair Bicycle has the thematic goal to support, evaluate and further develop the Flemish policy on cycling. The chair Bicycle provides for the appointment of a part-time (10%) guest professor (grade professor) and a 50% scientific collaborator, to support the chair holder. The Bicycle Chair commences on December 1, 2023 and is for 3 years (extension is possible but depends on required funding). To fill the chair, the department is looking for a chair holder (m/f/x).

Detailed information: (English version starting at page 5)

Rui Shao successfully defended her PhD

(05-11-2023) Monday 30 October 2023, Rui Shao successfully defended her PhD: "Space-time Flexibility of Shopping Activities: On the Role of ICT and the Built Environment".

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Ben Derudder (UGent, KU Leuven) Members of the examination committee: Prof. Dr. Alain De Wulf (Chair) (UGent), Prof. Dr. Frank Witlox (UGent), Dr. Long Cheng (UGent), Prof. Dr. Mengqiu Cao (University of Westminster, U.K.), Prof. Dr. Yongchun Yang (Lanzhou University, China)

Congratulations Rui!

Leen De Paepe successfully defended her PhD

(04-10-2023) On Friday, Sept. 22, 2023, Leen De Paepe successfully defended her PhD "Towards a Behavioural Understanding of the Social Acceptance of Shared Transport Services." Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Frank Witlox (UGent), Prof. Dr. Veronique Van Acker (Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research). Members of the examination committee: Prof. dr. Nico Van de Weghe (UGent) , Prof. dr. Jonathan Beaverstock (University of Bristol), Prof. dr. Giovanni Circella (UGent), Prof. dr. Caroline Mullen (University of Leeds) , Prof. dr. Yusak Susilo (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna)

Congratulations to Leen!

Haosheng Huang elected as vice-president ICA

(23-08-2023) At the 19th General Assembly of the International Cartographic Association (ICA), Haosheng Huang was elected as one of the vice-presidents of the ICA for the period 2023-2027. The mission of the ICA is to promote the disciplines and professions of cartography and GIScience in an international context. Learn more about the ICA and its activities at

Yue Hu received an honorable mentioning for the BIVEC best paper prize 2023

(16-08-2023) In June, several researchers and PhD students from Social and Economic Geography participated in the BIVEC-GIBET conference in Leuven. Yue Hu's paper ("Revealing multiplex topological features of China's domestic air transport network: intralayer and interlayer characteristics") was among the top three papers of the conference. Congratulations Yue!

Co-authored by Kurt Fuellhart, Shengrun Zhang, and Frank Witlox

Songyao Huai successfully defended her PhD

(03-08-2023) On Wednesday 5 July 2023, Songyao Huai, successfully defended her PhD “The application and validation of social media data in landscape planning and urban planning”

SUPERVISORS: Prof. dr. Tim Van de Voorde, Prof. dr. Haosheng Huang EXAMINATION COMMITTEE: Prof. dr. Alain De Wulf (UGent), Prof. dr. Nico Van de Weghe (UGent) , Prof. dr. Veerle Van Eetvelde (UGent) , Prof. dr. Frank Canters (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) Prof. dr. Ross Purves (University of Zurich).

Congratulations Songyao Huai!

Department Researchers win Journal of LBS Best Paper Award 2022

(03-08-2023) We are delighted to announce that Sien Benoit from the CartoGIS research group and Frank Witlox and Tom Storme from the Social and Economic Geography research group in collaboration with Delfien Van Dyck, Greet Cardon, Jasper Schipperijn, Steven Verstockt, and Dirk Lauwers, have been awarded the Best Paper Award 2022 by the Journal of Location Based Services.

The award recognizes their paper titled "Environmental factors associated with perceived cycling safety along adolescents’ home-to-school routes" published in Volume 16, Issue 3. This recognition underscores the significant contributions our department's researchers continue to make in their respective fields.

Fengqi Cui successfully defended her PhD

(01-08-2023) On Wednesday June 28 2023 Fengqi Cui successfully defended her PhD "Modeling land-atmosphere interactions and urban climate in Eastern China."

Supervisors: Prof. Piet Termonia, Prof. Philippe De Maeyer, Dr. Rafiq Hamdi.

Members of the examination committee: Prof. Nico Van de Weghe (UGent), Prof. Van Doan Quang (University of Tsukuba, Japan), Prof.Wenhui Kuang (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China), Prof. Natalie Theeuwes (KNMI, Dutch), Prof. Steven Caluwaerts (UGent), Prof. Bert Van Schaeybroeck (UGent)

Congratulations Fengqi Cui!