The Bachelor's/Master's programme in Geography and Geomatics is organised by the Faculty of Science. The full programme consists of a three-year Bachelor's programme (180 credits) and a two-year Master's programme (120 credits). The Department of Geography also co-designs the specific Geography teacher training programme and a postgraduate degree in Hydrography.

Vision and individuality

Unique in Belgium, due to the integrated and interdisciplinary combination of geography and geomatics.

Programme and curricula

Formed around six global learning lines.

* * *

Bachelor in Geography and Geomatics

The general basic training in which students learn the basics of geographic/spatial research.


Master in Geography and Geomatics

In-depth content, with the aim of having students independently carry out scientific research in a subfield of geography or geomatics.

Postgraduate degree in Hydrography B

Gaining practical insights into hydrography (i.c.w. Institute for Hydrography of the Antwerp Maritime Academy).

Specific teacher training

Training secondary school geography teachers.