Estimating the demand for business areas in West-Flanders

The demand for business area in West-Flanders has been assessed in 2006 by P. Cabus and W. Vanhaverbeke. Nine years later the Province of West-Flanders decided to redo the exercise for the periods 2017-2022 and 2022-2027, as the spatial and economic reality in the region have changed (e.g. changes in relative sectoral specialization and distribution chains, and growing emphasis on concepts related to sustainability and interweavability of functions). The project comprises of two main parts: a delineation of West-Flanders in sub-regions according to the relevant economic flows, and the actual estimate of the demand based on the ‘terrain coefficient method’. The project team consists of Rebel Advisory and the SEG research group (UGent). The final report is expected around October 2016.

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