Lars De Sloover

+32 (0)9 264 47 00
Assisting Academic Staff
Research unit
Cartography & GIS


Lars De Sloover ('93, Ostend - Belgium) is an assisting academic staff member and PhD student at the CartoGIS Research Unit of the Department of Geography. Lars obtained his MSc in Geomatics & Surveying at Ghent University in February '18. After working in the industry for a short period, Lars started as a scientific staff member at the 3DDA Research Unit of the Department of Geography. There he specialized in terrestrial laser scanning and point cloud processing within the CREST Project ( From October '19 until today, he has been active at the CartoGIS Research Unit. Lars' educational activities involve GIS (Applications), CAD, Geo-Programming, Integrated International Project Work, guest courses in Digital Photogrammetry, and the tutorship of Ba and Ma theses. His current PhD research focuses on the development of spatio-temporal clustering techniques, applied to geo-related scientific sub-domains (e.g. epidemiology, geomorphology, landscape science, ...). Lars is also (co-)author of multiple WoS-indexed publications.