Prof. dr. Philippe De Maeyer

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Tenured Academic Staff
Research unit
Cartography & GIS


Philippe De Maeyer is emeritus senior full professor in cartography and GIS; he was from 2008 till 2020 the chair of the Department of Geography.

He is full member of the Royal Academy of Overseas Sciences (RAOS) and since January 2021 the Permanent Secretary of the RAOS.

He is vice-president of the International Cartographic Association.

He is honorary professor of the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and visiting professor of the Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography (Chinese Academy of Sciences).

He is involved in research on:

  • the history of cartography and map making and the use of GIS in historical (map) studies (esp. 18th till 20th Century);
  • the use of GIS and remote sensing for land-cover/land-use issues/changes (including climate change, esp. in Central-Asia);
  • the use of GIS and remote sensing in archaeology (Silk road in Xinjiang, (China), Campeche (Mexico), ...);
  • risk modelling (esp. the economic direct impact and the social, ecological and cultural impact) of floods and other natural hazards (Belgium, SIDS Small Island Developing States, ...);
  • the use of GIS for accessibility studies, e.g. accessibility to health care;
  • indoor routing (algorithms, landmarks), ....