Mario Matthys

PhD Student
Research unit
Cartography & GIS


Mario Matthys is an architect and spatial planner. He has already gained 20 years of experience in his capacity as an urban designer and (urban) innovator in (the city of) Ghent. In combination with his education in informatics, he already developed some digital urban concepts on a pc and he launched CAD and GIS in the city of Ghent during the 80’s. In the 90’s however, he worked as a VR/AR/3D pioneer in a municipal context. As chairman of the Flemish GIS association Flagis (association without lucrative purpose), he was a GIS promotor in Flanders and also a part-time teacher in the Master training Urban and Spatial Planning. During the last 10 years, he resumed his role as a VR/AR and 3Dcoordinator of Ghent (European ERDFproject innovation 2009-2014). The innovation results were vulgarized in hundreds of lectures in Belgium and abroad. Thousands of citizens and researchers all over the world obtained demos in the 3D-C.A.V.E. and VR/AR technology.

His expertise incorporates the holistic approach of a dynamic “parallel virtual universe” in which the LOD (Level of Detail) is combined with animation in a time-space model, taking shape as a multi-dimensional time-machine. His goal is to create a multi-disciplinary educational, designing, evaluation and interactive communication instrument. His work area comprises the complete scope of 3D-scanning, over 3D-modeling, 3D-GIS data structures, game development software, BIM, 3D-printing and VR/AR/MR/ER, 4D. The combination of co-creation and Multi-D innovation is hereby his passion and asset. He wants to follow professor Barabas by building a time machine (in a Flemish comic book “Suske en Wiske”).

Mario’s dream is the use of the label “Dr.I.dee” in 2 senses. In Flemish: Driedee = ThreeD and Dr.Idee = Dr.Idea. The latter will become possible by means of the “special PhD fellowship” of FWO (Research Foundation Flanders) so as to finish his PhD between 2020, October 1st and 2021, October 1st.